Wedding Color Ideas To Spark Your Imagination

Weddings are exciting but they can cause massive brain damage. They involve so darn many decisions. Choosing your color scheme is one that needs to be made early on in your decision-making process. Without knowing what your colors are, you’ll have a hard time selecting flowers, centerpieces, and bridesmaid dresses. Here are some fun wedding color ideas to spark your imagination.

Wedding Color Ideas - Peach Wedding Decorations
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Take Inspiration From The Season

You have to start somewhere so why not take inspiration from the time of year you’ll be married. For instance, It may be best to leave the bright, tropical colors for spring and summer weddings, and choose rich, bolder tones for the colder seasons. Here are some suggestions:

Spring Weddings: Beautiful pastels like pink blush, primrose, lilac, mint, and a soft orange paired with deeper complementary colors are gorgeous for spring.

Summer Weddings: Bold colors including bright yellow, scarlet, hot pink, teal, and brilliant blue accentuate this fun-filled season.

Fall Weddings: Autumn colors, such as, earthy green, dusty brown, rust and a deep mustard yellow suit this rustic time of year.

Winter Weddings: Deep, rich burgundy and dark purple tones, bronze, copper, olive, and silver bring out the beauty of this festive season.

Here’s a fun tip! Are you planning a summer wedding? Why not choose your wedding colors based on your favorite summer flower. Do you adore zinnias? Let this hearty bloom be your inspiration! Zinnias come in a vast array of colors so you’ll have plenty of inspiration.

Wedding Color Ideas - Turqoise and Yellow Color Scheme

Consider Your Venue

Coordinate your wedding colors with that of your venue. The color schemes don’t have to match exactly, but they should be complementary. This may not be an issue if the location you’ve chosen is decorated in neutral hues, or if you’re having a garden wedding.

If your venue is a rustic barn, and you’ve chosen to say “I do” in the fall, select earthen tones that complement both the venue and the season.

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Everywhere you look on your wedding day, you’ll see the colors you’ve so carefully chosen:

Wedding Color Ideas - Royal Blue Color Scheme

What Mood To You Want To Portray

As a rule of thumb stick to two to three colors. Don’t complicate matters by choosing more than that. It will be confusing and won’t have a cohesive feel to it. Do you want to create a fanciful, whimsical, or sophisticated look? What emotions do you want to evoke?

Is your desired vibe romance, frivolity, dreamy, or innocence? Choose your colors accordingly. Get creative with your color palette, and use it as a tool to set the mood of your day.

The picture below connotes a subtle, understated tone, while the picture above, using cobalt, screams “Look how bold I am!” You can tweak the tone of your day by utilizing various color schemes to your advantage. Just make sure your colors reflect your personality!

Wedding Color Ideas - Baby Blue Color Scheme

Best Wedding Color Combinations

The best wedding color combinations are those that are most pleasing to YOUR eye. True, some colors are better matched, but most people have an intuitive eye for what colors go together best. Just keep the colors consistent throughout your venue.

There are 11 basic colors that include, black, white, grey, red, yellow, blue, green, brown, pink, orange, and purple. Of course, each individual color has many different tones and shades so the color combinations are endless. And who’s to say that two pastels aren’t the perfect combo? Or shake it up by pairing a pastel with a deep color – a delicate mauve with a dark burgundy would be stunning.

Wedding Color Ideas - Ink Color Palette

Choose Complementary Colors

Use a color wheel to help you determine complementary colors. For instance, on this wheel blue and orange are complementary as are red and green. Endless combinations are available when you start considering all the hues and shades of each individual color.

Wedding Color Ideas - color Wheel

Color Ideas

  • Peach and soft gray
  • Yellow gold and cobalt blue
  • Rose and mint
  • Rose gold and burgundy
  • A soft yellow and coral
  • Fuchsia and beige
  • Apricot and primrose

You can also incorporate three different colors into your color scheme.

Wedding Color Ideas - Color Chart

Watch the video below for more ideas:

Key Points

Have fun choosing your wedding colors. Different hues and shades add warmth, depth, and dimension. Break the rules if you must. You are the bride, and your special day should be filled with the colors you love!

Are you getting married soon? How did you select your colors. Let me know in the comment

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