Vanguard Alta Fly DSLR Camera Backpack Review

Vanguard Alta Fly DSLR Camera Backpack Review

There’s so much talk about cameras, lenses, flashes, and tripods, that a durable camera bag often gets left out of the conversation. In reality, a sturdy, well-made bag should be top priority because of its ability to protect all the expensive gear you’ve invested in. The Vanguard Alta Fly DSLR camera backpack has a ton of incredible features, and is rugged enough to serve you for years to come.

Vanguard alta fly dslr camera backpack

Vanguard makes a variety of camera bags. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Alta Fly 58T rolling camera backpack. More than a backpack, it’s also a four-wheel trolley, which make transporting your gear super convenient, and it’s configured to hold a drone and drone accessories.

What It Holds

The backpack will accommodate up to two professional DSLR cameras, four to six lenses up to 300 mm, a tripod, a tablet, a 14-inch laptop, a flash and other accessories, OR a drone. How’s that for roomy? If you’re the proud owner of a drone, this trolley backpack is one worth checking out. There’s not many bags out there that will fit two DSLRs, plus a drone. In fact, the 58T has been referred to as a “rolling studio.”

vanguard alta fly interior

What It Holds

  • 1-2 pro DSLR cameras
  • 4-6 lenses, including long lenses
  • Tripod and flash
  • 14″ laptop and tablet
  • A drone and accessories
  • Various accessories

Alta fly holding a drone

The bag is sturdy, yet lightweight, and has built-in shoulder straps for comfort. It comes with multiple well-thought out compartments and dividers that are generously padded for added protection, The dividers can be configured in a way that will best suit your gear or you can remove the compartments entirely if you want to use the bag as a personal luggage backpack.

Vanguard Alta Fly Features

The designers have incorporated a plethora of travel-friendly features that make the bag unique and equipped to withstand the rigors of travel. The bottom of the bag is made of moisture-resistant material that will resist scratching. The built-in shoulder straps can be used to carry the bag as a backpack, but can also be tucked away or removed entirely.

vanguard alta fly top of bag

The long, extendable bar handle lends for easy transportation, as do the top and side handles. There are pull-out covers you can place over the wheels to protect your clothing while using the bag as a backpack. The compartments and dividers can be customized for your particular gear, with the gray inserts specifically intended to pack a drone.

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A 3-point security point system adds additional protection as do the double security buckles. The connection straps can be used to secure a tripod to the front of the bag, and the spacious side pocket is great for carrying a tripod or water bottle. The backpack includes a total coverage rain cover for protection in inclement weather.

vanguard alta fly straps

Summary Of Features

  • Backpack meets strict airline sizing standards
  • Constructed of anti-scratch, moisture-resistant materials
  • Built-in, padded shoulder straps that can be tucked away
  • 4-wheel trolley system
  • Extendable bar handle
  • Sturdy top and side handles
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Multiple well-padded compartments and dividers
  • Dividers can be customized
  • Removal inserts
  • Laptop sleeve
  • 3-point security system for added protection
  • Daily accessory organizer
  • Dedicated pockets
  • Ample side pocket for tripod or water bottle
  • Drone and accessory accommodation
  • Pull-out wheel covers
  • Total coverage rain cover
  • Connection straps to secure tripod
  • Double security buckles
  • Heavy-duty zippers

vanguard alta fly wheel covers

Security And Convenience

The Alta fly was built with security in mind. The 3-point security system includes a buckle that locks over the external zipper, and an internal full-coverage zippered mesh flap to keep your equipment safe. The large pockets on the front of the bag include an organizer, providing easy access to a smartphone and charger, sunglasses, tablet, wallet, and travel documents.

The four-wheel rolling system provides a distinct advantage over two-wheeled systems that don’t glide as smoothly. This is a significant issue when you’re wheeling your bag through busy airports. The backpack is deep, which makes it capable of accommodating tall lenses, and the zippers are sturdy and durable. There’s nothing worse than flimsy zippers. If you want to use the backpack as personal luggage, simply remove the camera dividers, which are connected to a single insert.

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The backpack meets strict airline carry-on regulations, in terms of size, and will fit in a standard overhead bin. The last thing any photographer wants to do is check their expensive camera gear. The dimensions of the bag measure approximately 13″ by 8″ by 21″. Even though the bag was designed for travel, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to use it for everyday shoots. It’s the ultimate in design, versatility and durability.

vanguard alta fly rain cover

Key Points

In my opinion, the folks at Vanguard have thought of everything. Overall, the Check it out here is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for optimal gear protection while traveling. Unfortunately Vanguard doesn’t offer a free return policy, and the bag would be even better if the waist strap was padded.

Because the bag fits so much gear, it can be easy to over pack, making the backpack heavy to carry. This is where the four-wheel trolley system is a lifesaver. The $299.00 price tag may be prohibitive for some, but considering the price of the gear it will be accommodating, it seems rather a moot point.

What do you think? Would you buy the Vanguard Alta Fly? Let me know in the comments:)

Vanguard Alta Fly DSLR Backpack


Overall Quality







  • Accommodates a lot of gear
  • 4-wheel trolley system
  • Custom padded dividers
  • Extendable bar handle
  • Meets airline restrictions


  • No free return policy
  • Waist strap not padded

6 thoughts on “Vanguard Alta Fly DSLR Camera Backpack Review”

  1. Hi! This is exactly what I have been looking for. What a great solution for camera equipment. I usually need fast and easy access to my gear and the previous bags I’ve used don’t afford this. 

    Being able to fit in a drone is also a huge bonus. I like it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make a well informed purchase!

    • Thanks Henry. I’m glad the bag fits your needs. You can unzip the opening at the top on either side, which makes accessing your gear super convenient. If you have a drone, you’ll want to use the gray dividers to position it securely. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment:)

  2. I travel a lot for my job (and pleasure) to provide my clients with top quality photo shoots. Recently, I got worried about my camera equipment because they can be quite rough with baggage at the airport. One of my lenses broke, and was expensive to replace. I didn’t get reimbursed for it either, which was a huge wakeup call.  

    I was looking for ways to keep my equipment safe while traveling and I stumbled on your website. I really need a bag like this. The Vanguard backpack seems absolutely perfect for my equipment. Are there any online custumer reviews I can check out? Also, can I carry the bag with me on the plane?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Mark,

      Luggage takes a beating at the airport. The Alta Fly can be used as a carry on so you don’t need to check your costly gear. Sorry to hear about one of your lenses getting broken. That must have been so frustrating, especially since you didn’t get reimbursed. 

      Sturdy bags that will go the distance are a must for photographers. You can read the customer reviews on Amazon. The bag has a 4 1/2 star rating. You’ll definitely want to use the bag as a carry on. Please don’t ever check it. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment:)

  3. What an awesome storage case! I have a coworker who does photography on the side. She would absolutely love this! And honestly, I don’t think the price is bad at all. If you have invested all that money into your equipment, having a fantastic case to store it all in is totally worth it.

    Personally, I love how everything can be stored in one spot. Super convenient. This is great, I will be bookmarking this page and showing it to her later today. Thank you!!

    • Hi Bonnie,

      It really is a great bag. I don’t know of any photographer who wouldn’t love it. Camera gear is not cheap so an investment in a bag that will protect your costly investment makes sense. Thanks so much for forwarding my review to your friend. And thanks for reading!


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