Tips On Buying An Engagement Ring

This question is for all you engaged guys out there: “Are you stressed about buying a wedding ring?” You, most likely have many questions concerning this large purchase. How big should the diamond be? Can I afford it? We’re all scared of getting scammed, and all of these questions are valid. Consider these tips before buying an engagement ring.

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The History Of Wedding Rings

No one even questions whether a ring will be part of the deal or not. It’s a given. But what’s the history behind this billion-dollar tradition? The circle is an age-old symbol of eternity, permanence, and unity. At least that’s what the Egyptians believed centuries ago. The hollow center is symbolic of a gate, or opening, leading to the future with all its variables.

Some speculate this tradition began when reeds and rushes were twisted and shaped into decorative jewelry worn by Egyptian women some 4800 years ago. These adornments were temporary, due to their fragility, so more durable methods were found, such as, leather, ivory, and other durable materials. The price of the ring symbolized not only, the depth of the giver’s love, but also his wealth.

Why The Fourth Finger?

And why are engagement rings worn on the fourth finger of the left hand? Most people are right-handed suggesting that the left hand is used to a lesser degree, which would protect the ring from damage since most wedding rings are made of gold, which is a soft metal. The fourth finger is also used less than the other fingers, excluding the pinky finger, protecting the ring even further.

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The real beauty of exchanging vows is the message of devotion and love it conveys to the one who receives it. That ring, then, becomes a symbol of unity, never-ending love, and commitment. In modern weddings today, the ring exchange takes place at the end of the ceremony, officially sealing the union.

It’s interesting how traditions evolve over time. In many Europeans countries today, wedding rings aren’t even worn on the left hand, they’re worn on the right instead. Individual cultures have developed their own customs regarding engagement and wedding rings, for instance, in Judaism, the ring is placed on the bride’s index finger.

Tips For How To Choose An Engagement Ring

Custom Design Engagement Rings

The option to design a custom ring is becoming increasingly popular. Never before or, hopefully after, will you have a chance to design a ring symbolizing your love for decades to come. Make a personal statement, and showcase your unique style, by choosing a custom ring.

You’ll first want to discuss with your designer what features are most important to you:

  • Cost – this is always part of the equation. Will you pay for the ring outright or finance it/ What can you reasonably afford?
  • Choose the shape of the diamond. Do you want it round, heart-shaped, oval or marquise. These are just a few of the many options available.
  • You’ll need to select a setting for your stone. Do you love the look of a solitaire or would you rather have more than one diamond? There are a variety of settings so land on one you love.
  • Maybe you’d rather have a gemstone other than a diamond. This is becoming more common today. A ruby solitaire engagement ring would be exquisite.
  • What metal would you like? White, yellow, or rose gold? There’s also platinum, palladium, meteorite, and steel. You’ll also need to decide between 18K or 14K.

See why they call it custom?

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Is It Safe To Buy An Engagement Ring Online?

Are you leery of purchasing expensive jewelry online? If so, consider these safeguards. Begin by reading reviews left by previous customers. If you are satisfied, ensure that the factors below are securely in place before buying. You’ll be spending a chunk of change, and you want to protect yourself

1. What is the warranty? A lifetime warranty is, of course the best.

2. Are there returns if the item is damaged or you don’t like it for some reason? There should be at least a 30-day return policy.

3. Is the shipping insured?

4. Do they have complimentary engraving?

If these safeguards are in place, then, it is safe to buy online. All these factors should be considered when buying locally as well, minus the shipping. Save 40% on fine jewelry at Crown Jewelers. 

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Key Points

Your ring will become part of you so take great care in selecting this special piece of jewelry you’ll treasure and adore for many years to come. No matter what your background or culture, I’m confident we all agree, this endearing tradition is here to stay!

Are you engaged? Did you design your ring? Let me know in the comments:)

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