The Top 5 WordPress Themes For Photographers

WordPress is an amazing website-building platform with an extensive library of themes and plugins.  A theme that fits your photography business is important in terms of showcasing your work, customization options and website speed. Choosing a theme can be confusing with all the available options. In this post I’ll be breaking down the various features of the top 5 WordPress themes for photographers.

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Important Theme Features To Look For

Each WordPress theme is different in regard to the customization options offered, browser support, flexibility, and speed. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the theme be used on multiple website? This is particularly useful if you’re purchasing a premium theme?
  • Is coding experience required?
  • Is the theme mobile friendly?
  • Does the theme support plugins?
  • Is the theme responsive and easy to navigate?
  • Is it functional without using a ton of plugins?
  • What about flexibility and design?
  • Is the theme fast? Slow websites negatively affect rankings
  • Can you disable unused features if necessary?
  • Is the theme updated regularly?
  • Is it compatible across all browsers?
  • Do the theme developers offer quality support?

For photography websites, you’ll also want to make sure that sliders, image galleries and portfolio showcases are supported.

What’s So Great About StudioPress Themes?

StudioPress themes come with a wide array of cool features. All themes are professional looking and powerful, yet lightweight. The state-of-the-art designs are easy to customize, and they’re SEO friendly. Providing both form and function, the themes are easy to navigate, are supported on all browsers, are mobile-friendly, and look great on any screen size.

You don’t need any coding experience to customize themes from StudioPress, and the Genesis Framework enables super fast page loading. Themes include unlimited updates, top-notch security, and quality support. Each theme offers vast design and customization capabilities.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

The themes below cost a one-time fee of $129.95, including lifetime access to the Genesis Framework, making the theme itself just $70.00. The Generate Pro theme, the last on the list, is only $99.95, including the framework, with the cost of the theme only $40.00.

Purchased themes can be used on as many sites as you want, and you’ll receive a discount if you purchase additional themes. Consider taking advantage of the Pro Plus All-Theme Package where you’ll have unlimited access to the entire library of StudioPress themes, along with updates and support.

The Genesis Framework

All StudioPress themes are built on the Genesis Framework, which functions as a super theme, allowing a child theme to be layered on top of it. All themes from StudioPress are child themes. Using a child theme will save you untold frustrations moving forward because customizations are not affected by theme updates.

The Genesis Framework acts as a parent theme, and provides the foundation for your website, storing all updates and stylization controls. The framework only needs to be purchased once for an affordable cost of $59.95 for lifetime access. Customer support and all future updates are also included.

Watch the video below to learn how to customize StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework:

1. Elegance Pro Theme

The Elegance Pro theme from StudioPress is a great choice if you’re looking for a smart, polished, graceful design. Features include user-friendly customization options, large image support, and sophisticated typography. Individualize your brand with widgets, custom page templates, and a customizable header.

Custom page pre-made templates include default, blog, archive, proof gallery, portfolio, and a style pricing table perfect for a photography business. Customize the theme to fit your brand by tweaking the colors, content, and settings, while previewing your edits in real time. This theme is browser compatible, mobile responsive, and works on any screen size.

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Read more here


2. The Showcase Pro Theme

The Showcase Pro theme is exceptional for showcasing your best images and content. The display style is clean and bright, perfect for exhibiting your stunning photographs. Functionality includes three layout options, and a featured area for images, along with a custom header. Three homepage and four footer widgets are available to further design your site.

The theme is mobile responsive, includes HTML4 markup, and is translation ready. Customize the theme’s colors, background images, settings, and content, while previewing changes in real time. Text-based logos are fully supported if you want to place one in your header. Be sure and use the Live Demo function to get a feel for any StudioPress theme you’re considering buying.

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See Pricing here


3. The Glam Pro Theme

The Glam Pro theme is a great choice if you want your website to make an impact. Bursting with sophistication, style, and charisma, this theme is remarkable for showing off your beautiful images and graphics. Tweak your site to highlight your brand by customizing the heading, colors, and content. Two homepage widgets and one footer widget are available.

Like all StudioPress themes, you’ll get instant access to Glam Pro with a one-time purchase fee, giving you unlimited customer and website support, access to detailed tutorials, and unlimited updates. The price of the theme includes the Genesis Framework so it’s quite affordable.

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Check out the live demo here


4. The Gallery Pro Theme

The Gallery Pro Theme is a classical, minimalistic theme offering beautiful typography, and a variety of page and layout customizations, including a full-stretch gallery display. After all, one of the main purposes of your website is to share your talent with the world, and this theme makes that possible.

Woo your users with this distraction-free and gorgeous theme that is lightweight enough to support all your photographs. There’s even a dedicated Gallery Post to cater to the needs of your niche. Key design features also include the capability for the theme to be used as a landing page, an e-Commerce store, or a blog with calls-to-action integrated within the landing page functionality.

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Purchase Gallery Pro here


5. The Generate Pro Theme

The Generate Pro theme is a great choice if your goal is to build an email list and generate better-converting email leads. This theme is more affordable at $99.95 for both the theme and the Genesis Framework, making the child theme itself just $40.00. Email list building is supported by a prominent homepage opt-in box, a sign-up box on every post, and a sleek design that won’t distract from your main objective of building your list.

Three page templates are available, including a landing page template, along with four color skins in orange, blue, red, and green. A drop down menu allows you to add categories beneath your pages, and you can add your tagline and company logo to your homepage. Generate Pro is SEO-friendly, with minimum loading times, and supports all devices and screen sizes.

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Check out the features here


Key Points

StudioPress themes are some of the best themes available for WordPress. The Genesis Framework enables user-friendly website building no matter what theme you choose. All themes are child themes, allowing you to customize to your heart’s content without worrying about losing your edits due to theme updates.

The 5 themes I’ve highlighted above are incredible for building a photography or other creative website where image display is paramount. Have you heard of StudioPress themes? Please take a minute to leave a comment or question below!


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  1. Excellent selection of premium themes for the more image type websites. All look to be beautiful and while I’ve never used StudioPress themes, I have heard of them! I don’t need such attention to images for my blog, but they definitely would be an excellent pick for someone who does need an image-intensive theme. Thanks for the information. I will definitely keep StudioPress in mind for future reference, just in case.


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