The Best Camera Bags of 2020

Camera gear isn’t cheap. Lenses, tripods, flashes, and the camera itself, are a hefty investment. Taking care of your valuable equipment is so important, and what better way than investing in a high-quality camera bag. Are you wondering what features you should look for in a camera bag? If so, check out my review of the best camera bags of 2020.

camera and lenses in bag

How To Choose A Camera Bag

Before buying a camera bag, determine what features are important to you and why. Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing:

* Can the camera bag be worn as a backpack or cross body bag for easy transportation?

* If the bag converts into a backpack, does it have a waist belt and chest clip for added security?

* How many cameras and lens need to fit in the bag? Ensure that the adjustable cells are adequate for your needs and that the bag comfortably fits all your gear.

* Is the bag waterproof? You never know when you’ll get stuck in wet conditions.

* How sturdy and durable is the bag and what material is it constructed from? Will it thoroughly protect your equipment?

* Does the bag have wheels? This is a big deal if you’re an avid traveler and taking your gear along.

* Are you transporting video equipment, as well as, photography gear? Can the bag accommodate both photo and video equipment?

* Does the bag reflect your personal style? If you’re a woman, maybe you’d like a camera bag that looks more like a handbag?

Watch this video for some more ideas:

Now To Our Awesome Camera Bags

1. G-raphy Camera Hiking Backpack For DSLR and SLR Camera

4 stars

Made from high-quality, waterproof nylon, this camera backpack can double as a hiking bag if you remove the inserts. Large enough to hold at least two DSLR cameras, and up to five lenses, this bag, is not only roomy, but makes it possible to organize your equipment so it’s easily accessible.

Reasonably priced, you’ll get your money’s worth out of this backpack. One drawback is the color of the inner compartments. If they were a brighter color, instead of black, it would be easier to find what you’re looking for. This bag comes in blue, as well as black.

The bag is perfect for day trips, long vacations, and everyday use as it accommodates a 15-inch laptop. There’s a front zipper pocket and two side mesh pockets. The main compartment has adjustable cells.

This bag can double as a hiking or leisure bag, all you have to do is remove the inserts. The dimensions are 23″ by 13″ by 10.” It comes with a one-year warranty.

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2. K & F Concept DSLR Multifunctional Waterproof BackPack

4 1/2 rating stars

This camera backpack offers some fantastic features. It will hold one DSLR camera, two lenses, a flash, and other smaller camera accessories like gimbals, batteries, and chargers. It even has room for a 200mm lens and a 14-inch laptop. Constructed of sturdy nylon, this bag can take a beating and is water resistant.

Multifunctional and made of tear-resistant, durable nylon, this pack has solid foam dividers to protect your gear against shock, along with dedicated laptop pockets. Dimensions are 10″ by 7″ by 17 inches. Remove the inserts to use as a casual backpack. It’s both spacious and fashionable.

Another great feature is that it can be opened from the side so if your camera body is in the bottom compartment, you won’t have to open the entire bag to access it. However, the magnetic clasp could be stronger. The affordable price makes this bag perfect for photographers who are on a budget. It also comes in grey.

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3. Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack For Hiking

4 1/2 rating stars

This is an extra large camera bag designed with hiking in mind. It will fit two pro-sized mirrorless cameras, six to eight lenses, a couple flashes, and many smaller items. Your laptop will also fit as long as it isn’t larger than 15.6 inches. The PVA armored front panel is perfect for storing digital gadgets, such as, memory cards and batteries. A really great feature of this backpack is the flip-out tripod holder, and customizable insert dividers.

You’ll travel in style and comfort with the contoured shoulder straps, and the ability to adjust the torso length so you won’t be off balance, and no need to worry about items getting stolen at the airport as all the pockets are zippered with clasps. This bag can get heavy, though because it’s capable of holding a lot of gear.

Dimensions are 13″ by 8″ by 23.” A separate waist camera bag is included, along with a rain cover. The interior dividers are made of velcro and can be moved. A quick-release belt would be an improvement over the double-hole belt. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and includes a one-year warranty, with a 30-day free-return policy.

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4. Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW Camera Backpack

4 1/2 rating stars

The ProTactic backpack will fit the DJiMavic Pro drone, and has four access points; a turret-loading top, a full back entry, and easy-access openings on both sides. Five modular accessories are included, as well as a water bottle pouch, a tripod cup, two cinch straps, and an accessory case. This bag is large and may not fit under an airplane seat, and may get heavy if you overload it.

The pack accommodates two pro DSLRs, 8 lenses, a 15-inch laptop, a speedlight, a tripod, and other small camera accessories. With both interior and exterior pockets, it’s easy to keep your items organized, and the two zippered hip pockets make grabbing your smaller items convenient. This bag comes with an all weather AW cover to protect it from the elements.

Direct-access panels are a defining feature of this bag, and it’s large enough to accommodate telephone lenses. Dimensions are 14″ by 11″ by 20.” The ActivZone harness provides ventilation, and the removable waist belt adds additional support. Overall, this is a robust bag.

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5. BAGSMART Camera Backpack For SLR/DSLR Cameras

4 rating stars

You’ll love this convertible backpack if you don’t like camera bags that look like camera bags. If you want to use it strictly as a backpack simply remove the customizable dividers. Made of anti-scratch and durable material, this bag is tough. It was designed with comfort in mind and has well-padded back and harness straps.

The backpack holds two DSLR cameras, three to six lenses, and one 15.6″ laptop. You can conveniently stash your tripod in the hidden pocket on the right side of the bag, and the easy-access side and front compartments allow you to retrieve your equipment without too much fuss.

There’s a back zipper for added protection and a rain cover in case your get caught in inclement weather. Dimensions are 13″ by 17″ by 6.” BAGSMART has excellent customer service. Besides dark green, this bag also comes in black. This pack would be better if the front strap had a quick release mechanism.

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6. Tenba Messenger DNA 15 Camera and Laptop Bag

4 1/2 rating stars

If you don’t like the feel of a backpack, this cross-body messenger bag may be what you’re looking for. The tapered front flap with a sewn hinge makes opening and closing the bag quick and easy, while the shoulder strap is sturdy and super comfortable. This bag boasts the famous Fidlock magnetic clips which are the quickest clips in the world, and can be secured and opened with just one hand.

Spacious, with a sleek design, this bag holds one professional DSLR camera, two to three lenses, a flash, and audio gear. It will even fit a DSLR with an attached 70-200mm lens. The top zipper compartment provides convenient access to your phone, wallet, or other necessities. Two padded interior sleeves hold a laptop, as well as an iPad.

This bag comes in four different colors. It is shown in graphite here. Rugged and well-built, this bag can take a beating, has a lot of internal pockets and compartments to keep your gear organized, and comes with a reversible WeatherWrap cover.

The front pockets are deep, in fact they may be too deep. A strip of velcro would be more efficient than the exterior pocket snap. Dimensions are 18″ by 11″ by 14.” The messenger bag can double as a briefcase if you take out the dividers.

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7. ONA – The Union Street Camera Messenger Bag

4 rating stars

Here’s another messenger-style camera bag. I love the look and feel of waxed canvas, along with the leather strap, leather buckles, and antique brass hardware. This bag holds one DSLR camera, up to four lenses, other small accessories, a 15-inch laptop, and personal items. It’s a great alternative to the boxy, traditional-style camera bags.

The canvas is top-quality and water resistant, with the entire bag lined with a soft protective padding to ensure your gear stays safe. It can be used as an everyday bag as well, and it will get better with time as the canvas takes on an aged patina. This bag could be more a little more flexible, and the zipper pocket is quite tight.

Dimensions are 16.5″ by 5″ by 11.” Overall, it’s a stylish, customizable bag that is versatile, durable, and substantial. This bag will cost you more, but buyers say it’s worth the price, and they’d buy it again.

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8. Manfrotto Phantom Pro-Light Backpack

4 rating stars

The Manfrotto name is synonymous with quality. This backpack lives up to its name, and is built to hold the DJI quadcopter drones and accessories. Manfrotto’s CPS – Camera Protection System – has been laboratory tested and specifically engineered to guarantee optimal protection, along with shock and moisture resistance to ensure your equipment is safe.

Compact, attractive, and affordable, this bag will not only fit a drone, but has plenty of room left over to hold batteries, chargers, a controller, and extra propellers. It will also hold a laptop. The fold-out protectors create a barrier between the elements and your gear, and if you don’t own a drone, you can easily use this bag for your DSLR camera, tripod, and accessories.

The really great thing about this pack is it can be carried three different ways: as a backpack, a right sling, or a left sling. One drawback is this bag may be too tight to hold the Phantom 4 drone. Dimensions are 20″ by 13″ by 1.”

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9. The Kenora Backpack by Portage GEN3

4 stars

This Kenora camera backpack is made from high-quality leather and #20 waxed canvas. While not waterproof, it is water resistant, and will keep your equipment dry in misty and drizzling weather. The side panel makes it easy to find your gear without having to open the entire bag, and the interior camera dividers are adjustable so you can configure them exactly how you like.

Designed for both fashion and function, the backpack has side pockets and straps that can be used to hold a tripod or other accessories. Dimensions are 17″ by 14″ by 7.” There’s a front zipper pocket for you phone and wallet, and a GearSilk interior lining with side pockets.

The leather base is fully padded for additional protection, and the double stitching makes this bag extra durable. The efficient use of space enables you to fit two camera bodies, at least two lenses, a tripod, and a 15-inch laptop.

The YKK zippers make opening and closing the bag effortless. Portage provides excellent customer service, and their bags are guaranteed. Overall, this is a quality bag for a fair price.

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10. Pelican U160 Elite Camera Backpack

4 1/2 rating stars

The name “Pelican” doesn’t disappoint and this elite camera backpack is no exception. The solid frame provides strong and sturdy protection for your expensive gear. While it won’t fit more than one camera, it will comfortably fit your DSLR, two or three lenses, along with a flash. The attachment straps will securely hold your tripod.

There’s a heavy-duty handle on top of the bag for carrying, and the aluminum S-Curve spine makes it ergonomically comfortable for your back. It will even stand up vertically on its own. This bag won’t work for you if you need to transport more than one camera, and a little more padding would be a welcome, but it will hold your laptop, which is a huge bonus.

The dimensions are 20″ by 9″ by 13/5.” The frame is crushproof and waterproof, and the interior liners have multiple dividers. This bag only comes in black.

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Key Points

I don’t know about you, but keeping my camera gear safe and dry is top priority. Having a bag that fits my cameras, lenses, tripod, flashes, and other accessories makes shooting wedding days and other photography affairs much more enjoyable. Whether your style lends to a backpack or messenger style bag, you’re sure to find one in this review that suits your needs.

It’s awesome to be able to organize all your equipment in an efficient manner so when you open your bag you can easily locate what you’re looking for. Do yourself and your business a favor, and buy a bag that accommodates everything you need and more for a full-day of coverage!

Are you looking to buy a camera bag? What style do you prefer? Let me know in the comments


12 thoughts on “The Best Camera Bags of 2020”

  1. Thanks for such an interesting review. All the camera bags are very nice and each has its own purpose. I am not a professional photographer but I like to go with my friends and family in nature and take pictures. I think that I like the most Pelican Elite Camera Backpack. I will try it and come back to share my thoughts.

    • Thank you for commenting Daniel. Yes, each bag has its pros and cons. The Pelican Elite Backpack is one of my favorites. And it would be awesome for hiking or just hanging out with friends and family. 

  2. The features of all these bags sound great, but I am looking for something that will also protect my camera should the bag be dropped. Do any of these bags offer good protection?

    And seeing as I’m a woman, I do want to see some stylish bags, without compromising quality. Are there any camera bags that you can suggest for women? Sometimes, if it’s not obvious that it’s a camera bag, there are less chances of theft too.

    • Reyhana,

      The Pelican U160 Elite is a hard-case camera bag so would be very protective of your gear. The Tenba messenger bag is stylish, and doesn’t really look like a camera bag, and it’s padded inside so should protect your equipment. 

  3. Hi, Holl. I never realised I was in the market for a camera bag. My bag is getting a bit old, a bit like me! I enjoyed your review of the many different types of camera bags and the one that caught my eye is the BAGSMART Camera Backpack. I’ve added it to my Amazon ‘Wishlist’. when I clicked your link to amazon it took me to the US Amazon. I then went to the UK amazon site. I don’t want you to lose any possible commission if I do go ahead and purchase the bag from amazon UK at a later date. Is it possible you can make your links ‘Internationalised’? When I come back and click on you link again instead of taking me to the US Amazon it could take me to the UK site. The same bag is for sale on the UK Amazon site. Many thanks for a great camera bag review.

  4. I know that if I spent that much on a camera I would certainly want to protect that investment with the proper protection.  Good job putting together a list of how to choose a camera bag.  This is an important consideration for beginners who may want to know what they will need if they want to store their camera equipment properly.

  5. Hi, thank you for showing me your favorite camera bags. I like the Kenora backpack because it looks stylish for both men and women. A male friend of mine could easily use it with out feeling self-conscious. 

    It also doesn’t look too bulky which is my main concern when buying a bag. Thank you for the list and the review!

    • Hi Catrina,

      Yep, the Kenora backpack is a good one and can be used by both men and women. The side pockets and YKK zippers are awesome. 

      I agree, bags that are too bulky aren’t great for us women, nor for men for that matter. Thanks for reading my review!

  6. Hi there,

    I especially like the Unismart Bag and the ONA bag that looked like a satchel.  Very good-looking indeed..

    I was actually thinking of buying a camera for vlogging and for taking cooking photos. I’m looking for a lower end camera but a great bag. I like that some of the bags have enough space for a laptop, which I find very useful.  

    Even the inserts can be taken out for if you want to use it as a traveling bag for vacations and holidays. 

    Do keep us informed!


    • Hi Stella,

      I like those two bags too. A good camera bag is a life-saver to protect your camera gear, which we all know can be expensive. Take the dividers out and the bags can double for every day use and are awesome for traveling. There’s really nothing like an amazing bag!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 


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