The Art Of Bridal Photography

The Art Of Bridal Photography

The Art Of Bridal Photography

Spring is a wonderful time for bridal portraiture. The days are longer, the weather is mild, and the flowers are blooming. It’s a perfect season for love! Traditional bridal portraiture will always be popular, but current trends are shaking things up a bit by incorporating alternative-style shots into the bridal session, and even including the groom himself. Read my tips below on the art of bridal photography.

Bridal Portrait Photography

Include The Groom

Groomals, or bridals portraits that include the groom, are all the rage these days. I love groomals and encourage every bride I photograph to consider having the groom in, at least, half the shots. After all, how many pictures of yourself do you really need? Why not have the best of both worlds? Think of groomals this way – bridal photography with a twist. Why not spice up your session by grabbing your groom and including him in the fun! Plus, he makes a great prop to augment your beauty.

Grromals make the wedding-day photography less stressful. Between your engagement photos and groomals, you’ll have more than enough professional photographs, that you adore, of just you two. The wedding day, itself, can then be centered around your family and friends. Of course, the special couple will always be the main attraction.

The Art Of Bridal Photography

First Looks Are Fun

First looks naturally flow out of a groomal session. Not everyone opts to do them, but they sure are fun! The look on the groom’s face when he first sees his bride-to-be is priceless. You’ll want to remember this special moment for years to come. Though they don’t take much time, first looks pack a lot of punch, and are just plain awesome!


Wear A Veil To Capture The Light

I love veils. They show off the beauty of any wedding dress, and add a splash of sophistication and class. Let’s just say they make a bride look more bridally (is that a word?) Shots where the veil catches the light are absolutely stunning. They add variety because they can be used in so many different ways.

The Art Of Bridal Photography


Veils can be used as a prop. Drape it over the bride’s face, and you’ve got yourself a photograph brimming with moody emotion. Looking for an air of mystery? How about a coy look? Or a shy one? Use the veil to your advantage!


Bridal Portraits Utah


It’s the best when a veil catches the wind. It lends an air of mystery to the photograph. Veils are easy to take off and on so you don’t have to include them in every shot.


The Art Of Bridal Photography

Keep It Natural And Have Fun

Your favorite photos will be the most natural-looking ones. If your photographer suggests a pose that you aren’t comfortable with, speak up. There are no shortage of posing ideas so your photographer won’t care. Do your best to relax, and enjoy the session. Laugh, smile, and embrace. Focus on the emotion between you and your husband-to-be. Your images will burst with authenticity.

You’ll, most likely, only have one bridal session so make it fun! This is a day to celebrate you and your individual beauty and style. The dress, veil, jewelry, and makeup are all essential features of this special day so enjoy primping and pampering yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the bouquet. It adds a burst of color!

Make Bridal Portraits Fun

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing more stunning than an elegant bride brimming with excitement and the possibilities that lie ahead. Being in love makes a beautiful woman even more lovely, and that special inner glow will show in her photographs. A bridal session should be fun, and enable the bride’s unique personality to shine through. The memories these cherished photographs will represent in the coming years is truly priceless.

Are you a bride-to-be? Are you more traditional or playful? Please leave your comments and questions below.



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