The 8 Best Lipstick Shades For Brides

This post is for all you lipstick lovers out there, especially you brides-to-be. You’ll want to choose the perfect lip color for your engagement and bridal portraits, and of course your big day. There’ll never be another time where you’ll be photographed as extensively, and at so many different angles. Keep reading for the 8 best lipstick shades for brides. There’s sure to be a shade that suits your taste!

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Best Lipstick Shades

What is your lipstick style? Do you like bright, cheery colors, or dark bold ones? Maybe you prefer neutral colors or just a gloss. For me, the color I choose for any particular day depends on my mood, and of course what I’m wearing. I like to have fun with a variety of lip shades. Check out the ones below.

1. Aillea Satin Cream Lip Color Crayon

Hydrate your lips with Aillea’s dreamy lip color crayons. These pigments are lightweight, yet will stay on all day without having to reapply. Formulated with rosehip and jojoba oils, the finish is semi-matte, with the sunflower seed wax locking the color in. A handy sharpener comes in the base of every crayon for easy application.

Six stunning shades are available. All ingredients are certified organic, including coconut oil, sunflower seed wax, sunflower and sesame seed oils, cocoa seed oil, rosemary and sage leaves, vanilla, essential oils, and iron oxides for coloring. It  also contains mica for sheen and titanium dioxide, a natural sunblock.

Aillea satin lip crayon


Check out the colors here.


2. Bobbi Brown Lip Color

This beige lip color by Bobbi Brown is a great choice if your style is understated, and you want color, but not too much. It also comes in chocolate and tulle if you want a deeper hue. Achieve full coverage and luminous shine with this moisturizing semi-matte lipstick that will last up to 10 hours, making it an incredible choice for your wedding day.

Ingredients include vitamins C and E, castor seed oil, and beeswax. Each color has brown undertones for long-lasting wear. For even better results, line your lips beforehand with a liner in a similar shade. bobbi brown lip color

Purchase it here


3. MAC Satin Red Lipstick

I know not everyone loves red lipstick, but I think it’s absolutely fabulous. MAC is a household name when it comes to lipstick, and their satin rouge is no exception. The ultimate in color and shine, this shade is a must in every cosmetic cabinet, especially during wedding season. This shade is for you if you’re looking for color that doesn’t bleed and is super sleek.

MAC red lipstick


Learn more here


4. Ilia Tinted Lip Conditioner With SPF 15

Hydrate and protect your lips with this moisturizing lip conditioner. Boasting six gorgeous hues flattering to all skin tones, this lip color is formulated with an array of moisturizing botanicals, such as cocoa and Shea butters, along with nourishing antioxidant oils, including passionflower, sesame, cranberry, and avocado.

The burnt orange color is deliciously vibrant, yet not overstated. All shades have an SPF of 15 for ultimate protection thanks to the active ingredient, zinc oxide, which is a natural sunblock. Inactive ingredients include castor, sesame, and sunflower seed oils, caranuba and beeswax, avocado oil, thyme and sage leaves, radish root, and mica.

ilea tinted lip conditioner


Read more about it here


Watch this video to learn some awesome lipstick hacks:

5. Estee Lauder All-Day Starlit Pink Lipstick

You’ll never go wrong with makeup from Estee Lauder. I adore pink lipstick, and is hands down my absolute favorite lip color. It would be terrific for a spring or summer wedding. Ingredients include vitamins C and E, along with natural moisturizers and a delicate fragrance. Estee Lauder lipsticks go on evenly with maximum color impact.

estee lauder pink lipstick


Check it out here

6. RMS Lip2Cheek

This product is super fun because it doubles as both a lipstick and blush. It comes in nine different shades to protect and hydrate. Depending on your mood, choose between nude dusty rose, sheer coral pink, rich berry, muted coral, burnt rose, rich burgundy, or true red. The bronze color pictured below is fantastic!

All ingredients are certified organic and include coconut, jojoba, sunflower, and castor seed oils, beeswax, Shea butter, cocoa seed butter, propolis extract, and rosemary.

aillea RMS lip2cheek

Buy it here


7. MAC Matte Diva Lipstick

This one’s for all you dark lipstick lovers out there. If you’re looking for color, but don’t feel comfortable wearing anything too bright, this matte diva lipstick by MAC has got your number. Creamy, rich, and easy to apply, this no-shine shade will last for hours, and would be perfect for an engagement party or pre-wedding dinner.

MAC Lipstick Matte Diva


Read more about it here


8. DEELIGHT Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss

Don’t like wearing lipstick, but want a little color and shine? This sheer gloss is fairly neutral, and would be a great choice if you want to keep things simple and understated. Lusciously glossy, it will stay put for up to five hours.

MAC DEELIGHT Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss


Purchase it here

Key Points

Adding a splash of color to your lips is a great way to polish your look, especially on your wedding day. Whether you’re wearing a radiant lipstick or a shimmery gloss, colored lips are beautiful! Lipstick is my favorite cosmetic, and I always have two or three colors in my purse. My all time favorite is bright pink, but I also love red and orange.

What’s your favorite color of lipstick? Do you prefer a subtle lip gloss or a bold lipstick? Let me know in the comments:)

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