How To Photograph A Sunset In 5 Easy-To-Follow Steps

orange sunset over boat harbor

Summer is the perfect time to travel and what do you do when you travel? Take lots of pictures, of course! What would a portfolio of beautiful images be without a spectacular sunset shot? It’s easier than you think to capture incredible colors of the sun going down if you know a few tricks of … Read more

How To Photograph Animals [7 Tips To NAIL The Shot]

How To Photograph Animals - Bulldog in Party Hat

I’m an animal lover – always have been, always will be. I simply adore dogs and have a houseful of my own. Getting picture-perfect shots of your pets can be tricky. Thank goodness there are hacks to assure you and your clients are happy with their images. Here are 7 tips on how to photograph … Read more

7 Clothing Ideas To Rock Your Engagement Session

7 Clothing Ideas To Rock Your Engagement Session - Couple On Bike

Are you engaged? Congratulations – this is an exciting time! I bet you’re stoked for your photo session. In this post I’ll give you 7 clothing ideas to rock your engagement session. Let’s make it fun… “Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Clothing Ideas To Rock Your Engagement Session 1. Prepare … Read more

Bridal Photography [Nail Those Gorgeous Shots]

Bridal Photography - Beautiful Bride By Columns

Summer is a wonderful time for bridal portraiture. The days are longer, the weather is mild, and the flowers are blooming. You know what though – winter is also a fantastic time to take bridals. Traditional bridal photography will always be popular, but current trends are shaking things up a bit by incorporating alternative-style shots … Read more

5 Common Photography Mistakes To AVOID

5 Common Photography Mistakes To AVOID - Girl With Camera

When you’re a newcomer to the photography world, it’s easy to make a few blunders. This is because you don’t yet have the big picture. That’s okay. All of us make mistakes when launching a new business. From my perspective, here are some 5 common mistakes new photographers make when beginning to make a name … Read more

Bounce Flash Photography Tips

bounced flash with case

No flash, on-camera flash, flash that is bounced? Which is best? Bouncing your flash leads to gorgeous, diffused lighting that brings out the best in whoever or whatever you’re photographing. It’s easy to do and you’ll love the results. Bounce flash is a technique every photographer should be using as a matter of course. Check … Read more

Tips For Rocking Your Professional Headshot Session

headshot of man and woman

Professional headshots are a must in today’s business arena. Having one you’re proud of will serve you time and again. You’ll use it for many different scenarios; resumes, job applications, social media, and marketing materials. Take the time to get a headshot that accurately conveys who you are. Many times your image will be the … Read more

Camera Settings For Dummies [Facts About Shutter Speed]

camera settings for dummies - woman holding camera

Shutter speed is a camera setting that often confuses new DSLR owners.  It works in tandem with aperature and ISO to determine exposure. In this second post on camera settings for dummies, I’ll be explaining facts about shutter speed, and how to know when to use a fast or a slow one to ensure that … Read more