DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review

DJI mavic 2 pro graphic

Have you thought about breaking into aerial photography or cinematography? Or maybe you’re a real estate or wedding photographer, and want to take your wow factor up a notch. Or you could be just an everyday enthusiast who wants to have some weekend fun. Whatever the case, drones are amazing at capturing spectacular footage  you … Read more

Create A Time Lapse Video In 5 EASY Steps

blue and pink time lapse video

Time lapse is a creative technique that distorts time. Highlight the stunning beauty of a metropolitan cityscape, the frenetic pace of people walking on the street, or the ever-changing light all at warp speed. Turn the ordinary into something exciting and extraordinary. Watch the black of night rapidly transform into the shimmering light of morning. … Read more

Camera Settings For Dummies [Facts About Shutter Speed]

camera settings for dummies - woman holding camera

Shutter speed is a camera setting that often confuses new DSLR owners.  It works in tandem with aperature and ISO to determine exposure. In this second post on camera settings for dummies, I’ll be explaining facts about shutter speed, and how to know when to use a fast or a slow one to ensure that … Read more

Camera Settings For Dummies [What Is Aperature?]

camera lens

Are you a new DSLR user trying to figure out the various settings? In this series of posts, I’ll be explaining terms like “aperature,” “shutter speed,” “ISO,” and “white balance.”  Settle in while I unpack camera settings for dummies, specifically answering the question: “What is aperature?” Not that you’re a dummy, just a newbie, that … Read more