How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Cake For Your Reception

Warm weather will be here before we know it. Nothing is more enchanting than a garden wedding complete with flowers, candles, music, and, of course, the cake. What would we do without the cake?! Choosing a cake for your special day shouldn’t be just one more decision to make. Take the time to carefully select a cake that reflects your personal style. Are you simple? Sophisticated? Sleek? Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake for your reception.

Perfect Wedding Cake - Three Tiered Cake

Decide What Features Are The Most Important To You?

Nail down what style of cake you want by asking yourself these questions:

  • What size do you want? Tall with many tiers or a smaller cake with just two?
  • What shape appeals to you? Square or round? What about a combination of the two?
  • Flowers or no flowers?
  • Fresh or silk flowers?
  • How about ribbons, lace, or pearls
  • Cool, warm, bright or pastel colors? How many colors?
  • Simple or embellished?
  • Frosting or fondant?
  • Fruit, coconut flakes, figurines?
  • Texture and taste?

4 tiered wedding cake with roses
If decisions aren’t your forte, simply provide the answers to the questions above to your cake designer. She’ll come up with some awesome ideas based on the features most important to you. Use the internet to your advantage, as well. Brainstorming ideas online is easy and fun. Enjoy exploring possibilities because they really are endless.

The Perfect Wedding Cake That Suits Your Style

Keep Your Venue In Mind

Choosing your cake should be one of the last decisions you make. You’ll want to take into account your reception decor, the flowers, the style of your dress, and your wedding colors. Ideally, your cake style should be compatible with the overall look and feel of all your previous decisions.

Are you exchanging vows on a romantic beach? Fondant may be the best choice. Frostings, such as, whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream will melt – which would be a disaster. Do you see how details matter when considering your choices?

And what about the space that will house your cake? Is it tall enough for tiers or would a shorter cake surrounded by satellites be more suitable? Take all these factors into consideration to prevent any wedding-day mishaps.

But what if the traditional wedding cake isn’t your vibe? Well that’s more than okay. Let’s explore alternatives.

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Shake It Up With Satellite Cakes

Many people aren’t familiar with satellite cakes. These single-tiered cakes are placed on platforms surrounding the primary cake or, sometimes, in place of. The look can be streamlined with each individual cake uniformly decorated using the same color scheme. Want a more fanciful look?  Shake it up – have each cake sport a different color for a rainbowy feel!

round white cake with red roses

Whimsical Cupcakes

Want a bit of whimsy at your wedding? Go for cupcakes. There are a dizzying array of options when it comes to colors, textures, and toppings. And then there’s the presentation. Choose between cupcake trees, towers, and stands. If you’re looking to save money this is a fun alternative to a cake. And you can’t beat the convenience. Cupcakes are grab and go!

4 tiers of cupcakes

Ditch The Cake For Cake Pops

Okay, so maybe having a cake isn’t your top priority. You want something simple. Cake pops to the rescue! Visualize dreamy white cake pops on an elegant mirrored platter. I dare you to break the rules. This could be exactly the presentation you’ve been envisioning. Plus, cake pops are kid-friendly and don’t require plates and forks. Pair with just the right napkin for the perfect combination.

8 white cake pops

Be A Rebel And Go Hybrid

Be a rebel and go hybrid. Have your cake, and well, cupcakes too! It’s such a elegant and fun look –  you won’t have to sacrifice tradition, and you’ll certainly get points for creativity! The sky’s the limit when choosing this option. Do you love?

cupcakes and wedding cake

Key Points

The truly timeless wedding photographs are those of the bride and groom cutting the cake. They are, by far, the most beloved of all wedding-day photos. Choosing a cake should be a delight and reflect the unique aesthetic of your special day. Have fun choosing your one-of-a-kind cake…

Are you getting married soon? What style of cake do you like? Let me know in the comments:)

2 thoughts on “How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Cake For Your Reception”

  1. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I know it will help many people that read it, as it’s helped me. My daughter has a wedding coming up in the spring, and I have been put in charge of the cake, and have been wondering what my options are. Do I do a traditional tiered cake or can I do something more informal – and less expensive? Thanks for the ideas…

    • Awesome – glad you got some ideas. Many people default to the idea of having to have a traditional tiered wedding cake, but fortunately, there are a lot of other options out there that will look just as elegant, will be more kid-friendly, while saving you money. 

      Satellite cakes, cup cakes, and cake pops are all good options, and there are a ton of presentation ideas that you can get off Pinterest and other social media sites. Have fun and good luck with the wedding:)


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