How To Pick An Elegant Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

Weddings are all about the dress! Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration. Weddings aren’t all about the dress, but without the dress, would there be a wedding?  This sentiment underscores the deliciousness the perfect wedding dress has on a bride’s psyche. Once that fabulous gown is found and fitted, all is right with the world! Heres are some tips on how to pick an elegant wedding dress for your body type.

Elegant Wedding Dress - Bride In Peach Dress

What style of dress have you always dreamed of? Choose that dress. Choose it even if nobody else likes it. Nobody else will be wearing it. They’ll get over it. Your husband-to-be will love it because his beautiful bride – YOU – is wearing it! Hey, there is no right or wrong here. It’s all about personal style…

Don’t get hung up on trends or what’s popular at the moment. Choose the dress that speaks your name.  The one on the hanger that screams: “Choose me, choose me!” That’s your prize right there.

Choosing An Elegant Wedding Dress

Remember The Season

A white fur stole may not be your best bet for a summer wedding. Nor would a strapless gown be the best fit for a winter wedding – unless, you wore that white fur stole. The point is to take into account your particular season of love when selecting for your dress. Suit your dress to the season. But, then again, there is something to say for breaking the rules.

Choose The Perfect Dress

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

It’s a truism – the early bird does get the worm – or the dress in this case. In a perfect world, the perfect dress wouldn’t have to be perfect – or altered either. But we’re stuck in reality so alterations may be on the horizon.

I doubt any blushing bride needs to be reminded – but, start your hunt early, just in case your perfect dress needs some adjustment. This happens all the time. Alterations are not for the faint of heart – they may take longer than you think so plan accordingly. And, then, what if the projected date gets pushed back unexpectedly? Panic anyone?!

It's All About The Dress

Suit Your Shape

Not every gown style will suit your body shape or be flattering on your frame. First, determine what your best feature is – then find a dress that highlights what you love. Is your tiny waist the envy of all you know? Select a dress with a waistline that highlights this area of your body. More ideas below!

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Gown styles

  • A-line: fitted bodice – modest-flair skirt – suits the majority of body types – universally flattering
  • Empire: high waist – gives the illusion of height – this style is good for pear-shaped figures and those with large busts
  • Princess: similar to an A-line style – slimming – suits most body styles
  • Trumpet: fitted body – flairs mid thigh – great for petites, and those with small waists or hourglass figures – accentuates the stomach and hips
  • Ball gown: this is a classic princess style – fitted bodice – long, flowing skirt – accentuates a small waist and larger lower body – overwhelming for petite frames – hides the lower body so flatters pear shapes
  • Mermaid: hugs the body from chest to knee – flairs at the knee – ideal for slender or hourglass body types – not flattering for apple or pear-shaped women
  • Drop Waist: just like it sounds, this style has either a loose or fitted bodice – accentuates the waist or just below
  • Sheath: hugs the body – no fitted waist – ideal for tall, thin women
  • Tea Length: Falls below the knee – accentuates calves and ankles – perfect for those with shapely legs

Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

Make It Uniquely Yours

Are you sassy? Choose a sassy dress. Playful? A bouncy, puffy, poofy gown is calling your name. Want to blend in or make a statement? Your dress should communicate that. Have a flair for fashion? Choose a dress that embodies your sense of style.

Do you love simplicity without a lot of fluff?  Choose a sleek and simple gown with elegant lines.  You are special –  your dress should reflect your unique personality so be authentic to who you are. Oh, and make sure you can bend and snap in your dress. Your loveliness is sure to be stifled if you’re stiff as a board.

And remember – your dress is just the scaffolding. You’ll augment it with your fabulous veil or hair piece, exquisite jewelry, to-die-for shoes, and gorgeous bouquet. Gloves anyone? Try to keep your accessories coherent with your gown.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

To Veil Or Not To Veil?

What’s the answer to that questions? Read my post here if you’re debating wearing a veil or not. I am a huge fan of veils. I think they add to the specialness of the day. They photograph beautifully, are timeless, and so versatile in what you can do with them. Plus, you’re not locked into wearing it the entire day. You’re the boss and can ditch it when you feel like it.

Choose The Perfect Dress For Your Wedding

Key Points

Your wedding day will be among the most memorable of your  life. This is your time to shine – an elegant wedding dress will help you do just that!

Are you engaged? On the hunt for the perfect dress? Let me know in the comments:)




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