Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Your best friend is getting married, and you’re one of the bridesmaids. Weddings are so much fun, you’re excited! The very next thought that enters your mind is: “How am I going to find the perfect bridesmaid dress?” You wouldn’t think finding a dress would be that difficult, but sometimes it’s harder than you think. Here are some ideas to make your search more fruitful.

Bridesmaid Dress - Bride and Bridemaids

The Inexpensive Bridesmaid Dress

The internet is an awesome place to shop for bridesmaid dresses. Convenience right at your finger tips. At the very least, even if you don’t end up ordering your dress online, you can at least get an idea of the color and style you prefer so when you do go shopping you’ll know what you’re looking for.

The bride will likely give you some parameters of what she wants your dress to look like, such as, a general color scheme, style, length, and cost. Typically, however, it will be your responsibility to buy your dress so you’ll want it to be as economical as possible.

You definitely want a beautiful dress, but as you’ll only be wearing it one night, you don’t want to break the bank. The following dresses are all under thirty bucks so you’re in luck!

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The Formal Bridesmaid Dress

Finder a formal dress may be a little harder than finding a casual one – but maybe not. A common wedding trend today is to have all the bridesmaids in the same color dress, but different styles.

This is fun because you have some leeway, and are able to choose a dress that reflects your individual style.This little black dress screams sophistication, and also comes in royal blue, red, orange, and green. The sizes range from small to 5XL.

Bridesmaid Dress - Black Lack Dress
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

I absolutely love this little beauty. It’s formal without being too formal. It comes in nine different colors. I love the pink, but the other colors are pretty terrific too! And look at how many sizes are available.

Bridesmaid Dress - Peach Sleeveless Dress
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

The Casual Bridesmaid Dress

Casual dresses are easier to find than their formal counterparts, and you’ll most likely be able to wear it again, which is a bonus. If the bride doesn’t insist on a maxi dress, that’ll also simplify your search. I think full-length dresses are a little harder to find than three-quarter or tea-length dresses as the selection is more narrow.

I love this simple skater dress from Berrylook. It also comes in red or lime green, and you can dress it up by adding a decorative belt, unique jewelry, and some fun shoes. Who doesn’t love polka dots?

The sizes range from small to 2XL, and it will tell you the various measurements. See below:

Bridesmaid Dress - Brown Polka Dotted Dress
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

Or how about this beauty, especially if you’re a fan of polka dots? This is perfect if you’re looking for a maxi dress, yet it’s not so long you have to wear six-inch stilletos to save yourself from tripping on it.

It’s ultra stylish, yet fairly simple, and how fabulous if the bride wants red. It also comes in dark blue and black, and who can beat a dress for under 25 bucks?! I love reading the reviews to see what others are saying about this dress.

Bridesmaid Dress- Red and White Dress
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The Modest Bridesmaid Dress

If you prefer a sleeve, this tea-length dress with embroidery is so so cute! It only comes in black, and is perfect paired with some stylish black heels. I love the embroidered sleeves.

Bridemaid Dress - Dress With Lace Sleeves

How’s this for fun! I adore both polka dots and yellow. What a great combination. This dress isn’t too bright, but still makes a statement. It also comes in royal blue, red, and pink, and would be perfect for a fall harvest wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress - Yellow Maxi Dress

How To Find A Modest Bridesmaid Dress

The Designer Bridesmaid Dress

I love these three simple, but elegant dresses, with designer sleeves that scream: “Look at me,” and you can never go wrong with royal blue. It always makes a statement. This dress comes in four different colors as well.

Bridesmaid Dress - Royal Blue Dress
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart
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I think the sleeves on this dress are so pretty, and really complement the fitted style. It comes in a whopping ten different colors, and nine sizes. Can’t you just picture it with some gold vintage jewelry, and matching red pumps? The orange and pink colors are stunning too!

Bridesmaid Dress - Red Dress With Full Sleeves
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

Orange is a pretty terrific color, but not always easy to find. Look no further than this little ditty. I love it with the black belt, watch, and stilettos. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from – eight, in fact. I love the rose and yellow versions of this dress. And for all you curvy women out there, this dress comes in six XL sizes.

Bridesmaid Dress - Bright Orange Dress With Big Ruffled Sleeve
Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

The Above The Knee Bridesmaid Dress

How sweet is this petal-sleeve shift dress, especially if you’re looking for something above-the-knee. It also comes in red and black. The black is pretty marvelous, as is the pink!

Bridesmaid Dress - Pale Pink Ruffled Dress

Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Calling all purple lovers. If you’re looking for this particular color, and an above-the-knee dress, this skater style has your name on it. It comes in yellow and three shades of blue: sky, royal, and navy. Be sure and check out the sky blue and yellow colors. Along with the purple, they’re my favorites.

Deep purple cap sleeve bridesmaid dress


Bridesmaid Dress - Color Chart

These dresses from Berrylook tend to run small so go up at least one size, and maybe even two to be safe.

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Key Points

I know how stressful it can be to find the perfect dress. It seems like a pretty simple task, but unfortunately, it can be more daunting than you think.

I hope this post has sparked your imagination and excitement in finding the dress that’s just right for you!

Are you looking for a bridesmaid dress? Let me know in the comments:

2 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress”

  1. Oh my goodness. How could you ever pick just one? LOL I love them all.

    I remember when bridesmaids dresses were so embarrassingly fluffy. You wore them one time and then tried to forget about all the money that you just wasted because you were never ever going to wear that dress again.

    These dresses aren’t like that. They’re just lovely. Seems like they would make great formal dining out and event dresses.

    Great choice. I’ll take one of each, please. 🙂

    • I remember those days as well where you’d buy a dress, and then it would sit in your closet for years. I’m glad those days are gone, and that buying a bridesmaid dress is much simpler. Thanks for commenting!


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