7 Clothing Ideas To Rock Your Engagement Session

7 Clothing Ideas To Rock Your Engagement Session

Are you engaged? Congratulations – this is an exciting time! I bet you’re stoked for your photo session. In this post I’ll give you 7 clothing ideas to rock your engagement session. Let’s make it fun…

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1. Prepare In Advance For Your Photo Shoot

Prepare ahead of time which outfits you’re going to wear. There’s nothing worse than scrambling for clothing ideas at the last minute, and it won’t set a relaxing tone for your photo session. Determine the mood you want to convey, and then choose your outfits accordingly. Eliminate stress by being prepared, and keep it fun!

2. Wear Clothes That Reflect Your Style

The last thing you want to do is wear an outfit that looks great by all accounts – but just isn’t you. Let’s not go there. You won’t feel comfortable. The goal is to look your best by choosing clothes that reflect your personal style. Accentuate your personality by wearing clothes that speak to who you are. Confidence shows, and your photos will reflect this. Here’s to keeping it real!

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3. Dial Down The Busy

Busy clothing is distracting. You and your partner should be the center of attention, not what you’re wearing. Select solid prints in complementary colors. Ditch trendy styles, and opt for a look that is timeless. That’s not to say the rules can’t be tastefully broken, but as a general rule of thumb – keep it simple, but classy!

4. Coordinate Without Being Twins

Please don’t wear matching outfits. Being too “matchy” looks contrived. You want your look to appear effortless. As stated above, the colors you wear don’t need to be the same, but should be in the same color family. For instance, you could both wear different shades of blue. Keep your style cohesive as well. If you want a casual look, wear clothes that reflect this style. Want more of a formal look? Then, both of you dress up. Aim for balance.

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5. Use Accessories To Refine Your Look

Accessories can add an element of whimsy to your photos. Try adding a colorful scarf or hat to add interest – or let a sporty tie or a pair of colorful socks make a statement. A stylish umbrella or handbag can make a photo festive and fun!

6. Add A Little Variety

Can’t decide between a casual or formal look? You don’t have to choose – do both! Incorporate a variety of looks into your photo shoot. A casual look can be playful and fun while a formal look communicates simplicity and sophistication.

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7. Enjoy The Moment

Enjoy your photo session. This is one of the few times the focus will be on just you two. Let your love shine through, and savor the moment. Your engagement photos will be a visual reminder of your love for decades to come. Be prepared but don’t stress. Relax and have fun!

Key Points

Enjoy this time, and celebrate what really matters – the love you share! Follow these tips to ensure your photo session captures the special connection between you.

Are you newly engaged? What clothing ideas can you share? Let me know in the comments:)




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