10 Money Saving Wedding Tips

Money Saving Wedding Tips - Reception On Beach

Are you recently engaged and just starting to make wedding plans? If so, I’ve got some great ideas to help you save money on your big day. It’s easier than you think to cut costs. Here are 10 money-saving wedding tips. Disclaimer: “This post contains affiliate links. I earn on qualifying purchases.” Money Saving Wedding … Read more

PicMonkey Photo Editor Review And Tutorial

picmonkey photo editor graphic

Have you heard of PicMonkey photo editor? The applications are endless for what you can create. The editor has over 40 different filters and special effects, over 4,000  graphics and textures, tons of collage layouts and templates, and a library of awesome fonts. Use it to create stunning images, branding materials for your business, or … Read more

Create A Time Lapse Video In 5 EASY Steps

blue and pink time lapse video

Time lapse is a creative technique that distorts time. Highlight the stunning beauty of a metropolitan cityscape, the frenetic pace of people walking on the street, or the ever-changing light all at warp speed. Turn the ordinary into something exciting and extraordinary. Watch the black of night rapidly transform into the shimmering light of morning. … Read more

How To Photograph A Sunset In 5 Easy-To-Follow Steps

orange sunset over boat harbor

Summer is the perfect time to travel and what do you do when you travel? Take lots of pictures, of course! What would a portfolio of beautiful images be without a spectacular sunset shot? It’s easier than you think to capture incredible colors of the sun going down if you know a few tricks of … Read more

How To Make A Collage In Photoshop

collage made in photoshop

Remember as a kid how fun it was to make collages from cut out magazines pictures? How long has it been since you made one? Well, buckle your seat belts because I’m going to show you how simple it is to design a collage in Photoshop. It may seem complicated at first, but just make … Read more

How To Edit Photos In Photoshop Using The Clone Stamp Tool

lighthouse on ocean

In Part 1 of this six-part series, I talked about the first six tools in the Photoshop toolbar. I hope you’ve experimented using each of these tools, and are developing a comfort level with them. In this post, I’ll be covering the clone stamp. It gets its own post because it’s one of the most-used … Read more

How To Use The Eyedropper Tool In Photoshop

woman holding eyedropper

When it comes to using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop, I was late to the party. Of all the tools in the Photoshop toolbar, the eyedropper tool is the one I learned last. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to use this oft-forgotten little gem of a tool. The Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop The eyedropper … Read more

How To Add Sun Rays In Photoshop Tutorial

sun rays in forest

Have you ever taken an amazing photo, but the light wasn’t right? Perhaps, it was too flat or just needed some extra flair. Aren’t we lucky we have Photoshop?! In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to add sun rays in Photoshop. Adding Sun Rays in Photoshop Follow these steps to add sun … Read more

How To Photograph Animals [7 Tips To NAIL The Shot]

How To Photograph Animals - Bulldog in Party Hat

I’m an animal lover – always have been, always will be. I simply adore dogs and have a houseful of my own. Getting picture-perfect shots of your pets can be tricky. Thank goodness there are hacks to assure you and your clients are happy with their images. Here are 7 tips on how to photograph … Read more

How To Take A Picture Of A MOVING Subject [Follow These Steps]

dog with ball in mouth graphic

Not all subjects hold still. Toddlers, animals, athletes, they all move, but they’re certainly fun to photograph. Although, shooting movement can be tricky, following these steps will assure success. Let’s learn how to take a picture of a moving subject. Pet, sport, and children photographers know there’s an art to capturing the perfect shot. Master … Read more