6 Family Photo Clothing Ideas To Spur Your Imagination

6 Family Photo Clothing Ideas To Spur Your Imagination

6 Family Photo Clothing Ideas To Spur Your Imagination

You dread it every year, but know you have to do it. You love having a great family photo, but getting them taken is such a chore. One reason you dread family photos is figuring out what everyone’s going to wear. It’s harder than it sounds. Getting everyone on board and happy is almost impossible. Hopefully, your people will cooperate without too much fuss. Let me take the guesswork out of what to wear. Here are 6 great family photo clothing ideas to spur your imagination.

three girls in family pictures

1. Easy And Simple

It doesn’t get any easier than crisp white shirts, especially for close-up shots. The white shirts set of the girls’ dark skin. Sometimes simple just works! Don’t overthink clothing, keeping it as uncomplicated as possible!


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When choosing clothing colors, determine where your photograph is going to hang. You’ll want to pick colors that complement or blend in with the colors of the room.

Another thing to keep in mind is comfort. I’ve seen this time and time again where a child is forced to wear something they’re not comfortable in. Be prepared for scowls and grimaces in the portrait. You don’t want to go there.

Busy patterns like polka dots and stripes are too distracting so ditch the temptation to include them, and make sure everybody’s shoes coordinate.

2. A Casual Look

Everyone loves denim. I like how they put two different shades of denim together, pairing it with white shirts and shoes. It’s a clean, casual look. Denim photographs well without overwhelming the subjects as it kind of fades into the background. Resist the urge to be seasonal, meaning the Santa hats are adorable for a Christmas card, but you might get tired of a large version of that cute card on your wall. These denim jackets for little girls are absolutely adorable. 


Family photo in denim

3. Four Color Blending

I love the various shades of royal blue, navy, tan and gray in this portrait. The colors complement each other in a great way. You can pull off a variety of colors if they blend seemlessly. Your discerning eye will tell you if they do. Too bad the little boy in the back didn’t cooperate better.

Family picture of seven children


4. Timeless Classic Clothing

I love this portrait of the Obamas. Nothing speaks louder than classic does. I like how the colors flow together. The girls’ purple and blue dresses offset the dark-colored clothing of the parents. And the purple tie was a brilliant idea!

Obama Family Portrait

4. Fun With Color

Use color wisely to make a photograph pop. This picture of three little girls all dressed in red in front of a blurred background is pleasing to the eye. The complementary colors of gold and silver accentuate the gold hues of the background. Outfits don’t have to match, but they should coordinate.

Family portrait of three little girls in red

5. This Really Works

Little kids are so fun to dress, and these twins couldn’t be more darling. Don’t you adore the plaid shorts and pink shirts. Even their shoes match. You don’t have to adhere to the “rules” as much with kids. If you’re looking for something similar, check these out. 

Twin boys at the lake

 I Wish It Could Be This Easy

I included this shot just for fun. Dogs have the life of Riley. Slap a bow on them and they’re ready to be photographed. If only it could be this easy for us humans.

Picture of seven dogs

Watch this video for more great ideas:

Let’s Wrap It Up

Family portraits are important so make time for them. You’ll be thankful you did. Keep your clothing simple so it doesn’t distract from the main attraction – you and your loved ones!

Have you scheduled your family portrait session? What photographs from above do you like the best in terms of clothing? Please take the time to leave a comment or suggestion below. It helps all those reading this post.


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