5 Reasons You Need A Ring Light For Video

5 Reasons You Need A Ring Light For Video

Lighting is everything. Don’t believe me? Try to get a properly exposed image in the dark or shoot a video without sufficient light. Needless to say, the outcome is not going to be good. Ring lights are inexpensive, easy to use, and they get the job done. Here are 5 reasons you need a ring light for video.

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What Is A Ring Light?

A ring light is basically a big circle with a flash in the center. Sizes vary anywhere from 8 to 19 inches. Ring lights are a popular light source in the fashion and cosmetics industry due to their ability to produce even, flattering, glamorous lighting. They’re also widely used by social media influencers, YouTubers, and vloggers, but are applicable for anyone who wants to properly light a scene.

1. Rings Lights Are Portable And Easy To Use

One of the biggest perks of using a ring light is their convenience and portability. They’re just so dang easy to use. Put the light on a stand, plug it in, turn it on, and adjust the intensity and color balance based on what you’re shooting. That’s basically all there is to it.

The brightness levels of the ring light I use can be adjusted based on a range of 1% to 100%. Ring lights are portable so can easily be tucked away in a corner when not in use, and lightweight enough to make traveling with it a breeze. Ring lights are sleek-looking and will complement any decor they’re a part of.

2. You Can Adjust The Color Temperature

The ability to adjust the color temperature is a huge plus when using a ring light. The bi-color temperature ring on my light varies from a warm 3000K to a bright white of 5800K. The LCD clearly displays both the brightness and color temperature. Why is color temperature so important? Because it naturally renders the whites in a scene, while providing balance between all the other colors, producing a realistic representation of the scene being recorded or photographed.

[Read More: Kelvin and Color Temperature]

3. Rings Lights Produce High-Quality Lighting

The biggest reason to use a ring light is the incredible quality of light they emit; soft, all-natural, wrap-around lighting without the harsh and distracting shadows you get with direct lighting. And you know that coveted catch light in the eyes that looks so great? Ring lights are awesome for producing that. The closer the light source is to the subject, the more pronounced the effect.

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Ring lights are also highly effective at reducing the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections because of the quality of light they produce. Adjust the brightness and color temperature, along with the placement of the light, to fine tune the  amount of light your scene requires.


Check out the reviews here

4. Accommodates A Smartphone, iPad, Or DSLR

The stand that supports my ring light accommodates either a smartphone, iPad, or DSLR, making it applicable for both professional videography and photography, or to make your on-the-fly videos that much better. The entire kit I use weighs just 8 pounds. It includes the ring light, stand, wireless remote, and bluetooth selfie remote, which is great for capturing amazing selfies. The stand can be adjusted for use on the ground or on a desk or other level surface.

5. Ring Lights Work Great For Vlogging, Social Media, Or YouTube

Video is becoming increasingly more popular, as is having your own YouTube channel. Thank goodness it’s no longer necessary to lug around bulky, heavy equipment that’s inconvenient to take on location. Rings lights are the perfect solution for lighting any type of video, whether for social media or YouTube.  They’re lightweight, versatile to use in a variety of situations, and easy to transport. Impeccably illuminate any scene, without needless expense and hassle.

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Key Points

Ring lights are an exceptional light source for shooting videos. They’re extremely easy to use, and you can dial in the intensity and color balance to suit your scene.  The one I use will accommodate either a smartphone, iPad, or DSLR. A ring light is an essential component for any video-production set.

Have you used a ring light? Let me know in the comments:)

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Need A Ring Light For Video”

  1. I love that you can use ring lights using an iPhone! I don’t take many selfies, but it would be great for taking photos at night. Can ring lights be used if you want to take a picture of the full moon? Sometimes I see these amazing full moons, and I just can’t capture the beauty of it in a photo …

    You’re happy with the one you use?

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes, you can use ring lights with an iPhone, which makes them super convenient. They won’t, however, work for lunar photography. You can read my post on taking shots of the moon here

      I suggest this ring light set, but I’m sure there are other great ones out there as well. Thanks for your comment:)

  2. Hi, you are right that lighting is everything. I have been using various cameras for several years, and have experimented with SLR cameras, and all that stuff. If the lighting is to the side or from behind or above, you will be unhappy with the picture.

    I always try to take my pictures with light from the front. Even if I am looking in the mirror, I look way better if there is more light coming from the front. However, if I have light on top of my head and I am looking in the mirror, then I don’t like how I look as much.

    Cameras are the same way.  If you are into photography as a habit or passion, then investing into your camera can be a very great experience. 

    I am sure you know what I mean. Thanks  

    • Hi Jake,

      Yes, I know what you mean about lighting and cameras. Many years ago, I bought a medium format camera to launch my photography career. It’s was life-changing. 

      It’s amazing what lighting can do. I agree with you about how flattering front lighting is. It can totally change how a person looks. An entirely illuminated subject looks much better than a backlit one or a partially lit one. It also minimizes any skin imperfections, which we’re all self-conscious about. That’s one reason I like ring lights so much.

      I appreciate your comment:)

  3. Oh, my awesome!  those are good enough reasons for me to get a ring light asap! lol.  I’m
    actually saving up for a camera right now because I’ve been wanting one FOREVER to step up my photography game. I feel like with an actual DSLR, it will be a whole new world for me as a self-proclaimed


    • Hi Jordan,

      Yep, ring lights are awesome and so are DSLRs. You don’t have to have a DSLR to use one though, they work with smartphones and iPads as well. Best of luck to you and thanks for reading:)

  4. I bought the simplest and cheapest ring flash of them all, and I will tell you, it was quite a good investment as a beginner blogger-vlogger. Now that I have some videos done, I am aiming for a bit more fancier and robust. version. Do you have any suggestions or review on specific models? Which brand do you use?

    Can`t wait to learn more… Read from you again soon! 

  5. It sounds like a ring light can be very helpful when recording videos. I always associated them with makeup artists and photographers only. Now I can see how they would be applicable for anyone making videos on YouTube. My wife is a makeup artist and uses a ring light when explains my bias. Thanks for this informative article. 

    • Yes, ring lights are very versatile and can be used for a variety of situations, including vlogging, videos for social media, and for YouTube. I like that they’re affordable, easy to move around, and that you can fine tune the amount of light they produce. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:)


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