10 Photoshop And Lightroom Presets: Create Amazing Images

I don’t know about you but I love Lightroom and Photoshop presets and actions. They’re fun and easy to use and they’re incredible time-savers. Plus, they’ll make your images look fantastic. In this post, I’ll be unpacking the features of 10 different actions and presets from a great online company called A Color Story. If you’re working on a project and could use some help retouching and editing, keep reading…

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How Do Actions and Presets Work?

Actions and presets will save you hours of time post production with a few simple clicks, transforming your photos into professional, polished works of art. Save both time and effort by comprehensively editing your images using the presets and actions below, depending on whether you’re working in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Watch the video below to learn more about presets and actions:

Photoshop and Lightroom Actions and Presets

Actions are available for Photoshop users and presets for those using Lightroom. When choosing one specifically, you’ll need to select the program you’re using in the drop down menu.  See below:

photoshop and lightroom options

System requirements for Lightroom presets require Adobe Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 to work properly. Adobe Photoshop CC is required for the actions to work as they should. Camera Raw presets of each signature adjustment are also included with each set or collection.

For very desktop purchase you’ll also receive:

  • 27 basic presets and actions
  • 18 tools for tweaking brightness, contrast, temperature, mood, clarity and grain
  • 9 simple black and white presets and actions
  • A getting started guide for use and installation

Get Adobe Photoshop plus Lightroom for just $9.99 a month


1. The Blush Set

Soft, simple, and cozy, the Blush Set is perfect for skin tones, floral arrangements, and images shot indoors. Add a boost of color or interesting textures, while adjusting the highlights and shadows. More muted than bold, these 27 presets or actions are ideal for when you want to convey a certain tone or mood.

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Check the Blush Set out here


2. The B & W Set

A monochrome photo is never simply black and white. The possibilities in terms of mood, contrast, and drama are extensive. This set is great for landscapes, depth of field shots and portraiture, including 27 B&W actions or presets, along with the Camera Raw preset and desktop purchase bundle explained above.

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Buy the B & W Set here

3. The Chroma Set

Do you want your images to make a statement? If so, the Chroma Set is for you with its big, bold, saturated colors, offering richness and vibrancy, while maintaining skin tones and full control over shadows and highlights. The 57 presets or actions included in this set are ideal for colorful decor, murals, and everyday life photography.

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Get the Chroma Set here


4. The Flashes Of Delight Set

Just like it sounds, this set is delightful, bursting with style and inspiration. Unlike the Chroma set, Flashes of Delight offers soft muted tones, reminiscent of lifestyle and classic magazine-style photography. Warm neutrals, delicate pinks, and ethereal shadows are splendidly suited for portraiture, lifestyle and indoor photography. 42 presets or actions are offered, along with the 27 basic ones in the desktop purchase bundle.

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Check it out here


5. The Seasons Set

Inspired by the months and seasons of the year, the Seasons set enables you to match the colors and hues in your images to the mood of any particular season. Have fun exploring and tweaking the highlights and shadows in your photographs for added intrigue. Rich, creamy, saturated colors are just right for nature scenes, cityscapes, and portraits.  36 presets or actions are included in this set.

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Get the Seasons Set here

6. The Essentials Set

Simple, yet chic, the Essentials set boasts a palette brimming with fresh, crisp colors that are amazing for cityscapes, food photography, and everyday shots. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and vibrancy of your images for added impact and appeal. 30 presets or actions are included.

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Get the Essentials Set here


7. The Weekend Set

Brilliant hues are the name of the game when using the Weekend set. It’s totally awesome if you’re looking for that vacation vibe we all love and want more of. Play around with the warm, cozy colors or radically change them altogether to create pink dreamy skies or verdant lush meadows.  Transform your images, making them so much better, but without compromising hue or tone. 33 weekend presets or actions are included.

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Learn more about the Weekend Set here


8. The California Set

The California is the first set from A Color Story designed exclusively for desktops. It supports coloring techniques that aren’t yet available on smartphones. Applicable for lifestyle and beach photography, the saturated hues, textured shadows, and elegant tones communicate a sunny vibe just in time for summer.  33 presets or actions are also included.

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Get the California Set here


9. The Moments Collection

If you like purchasing bundles, you’ll love the Moments collection that includes the Seasons, Weekend, and B&W presets or actions, three of the most gorgeous sets available. See above for more details on each individual set. A whopping 96 signature actions or presets are included.

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Grab the Moments Collection here


10. The Color Collection

Another bundle, this collection comprises three desktop sets, including the Essentials set, the Chroma set, and the Blush set. Again, refer to the presets and actions above for additional information. The Color Collection is a great option if you want access to all the fabulous adjustments offered in each of the three sets. A staggering 120 signature actions or presets are included in this collection.

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Get the the Color Collection here

Key Points

A Color Story has fantastic presets and actions for Lightroom and Photoshop. They’re fun to use and they’ll make your images look terrific. Choose between big, bold, saturated colors or soft, muted, subtle tones. Better yet, choose a collection that includes three entire sets for even more editing options.  A smartphone app is also available, making editing images on the go a snap!

Do you use presets and actions for editing? Please share your tips and tricks below.


8 thoughts on “10 Photoshop And Lightroom Presets: Create Amazing Images”

  1. I never really got the hang of photoshop. Your article cleared some things up for me.  I run an e-com store and I think the chroma set and the blush set would be a good fit for my product images. Do you have any other suggestions that would makes my product images sharper?

    • Oh good. I’m glad you found a couple of sets that would work for you. Make sure your white balance settings are dialed in. That can make a difference in sharpness as can finding the right aperature for what you’re shooting. I appreciate your comment. 

  2. Hi, I have read your entire article very carefully. From your article, I found 10  important topics for image editing. I love working in Photoshop too. I learned the following from your article: That the Blush and B & W sets are the ones that would best suit my style or the Chroma set. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this article! 

  3. After reading your article I have benefited greatly. You discuss in your article about 10 Photoshop And Lightroom Presets for creating amazing image. You also stated how actions and presets work for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, which can be paid for monthly. 

    I like the different features of the various sets. They’re really awesome. Your article makes me so happy because I have learned several new things. So, Thank you very much for sharing your article.

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m so glad you learned something new. Presets and actions can save a lot of time and effort!

  4. From my experience, Lightroom presets offer a lot of hassle-free editing. Thinking about applying pre-made effects and adjusting images without having to stress about the outcome is worth buying presets and actions. 

    Well-crafted presets will give you the look you so much admire without having to resort to tools that can waste time and energy. The Color collection, Moments collection and Blush set are my favorite. All I am after is a fantastic output. It’s all about creating amazing images whether in Photoshop or Lightroom. 

    • Presets and actions are amazing for hassle-free editing and they lower stress because of the time they save. I like the Blush set and the collections are incredible because they come with three different sets. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


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